Another string to the bow

Over the weekends of 15th and 16th, 22nd and 23rd March, myself and Phelim from Downlands pack attened an Archery GB course so that we can teach archery. This means that the group has another two certified instructors that will add to our strengths in being able us to provide ongoing activitites for our group, without need to pay external people to do it.

Over the four days, we learnt about all the safety aspects in shooting an arrow and layout out ranges for competitions and ‘have a go’ sessions, as well as role play in teaching individuals and groups of all ages, abilities and capabilities. A stringent assessment was made on the last day, by two of Hampshires leading Archery assessors and I am pleased to say that both Phelim and I passed!

Despite it being a four day course, the time flew at Lyons Copse, with a great bunch of leaders from as far as Newbury, Swindon, Andover and Kent and the team of coaches led by Tim Beeching, were fantastic, making it an enjoyable learning experience.


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